Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Strategic Overview

It just hit me that a sub-feature I envisioned for TacMaps could be implemented in today's EVE at very little cost, simply refactoring already available information in a different rendering.

Strategic Overview would allow you to bring up a synthetic view of a Constellation of Solar system, in the spirit of Battlefield Intelligence.

By selecting a Constellation, you would get a simple list of Systems within, with a few critical bits of information for each:
• Sovereignty (FactionName, Abandoned), State (Controlled, Neutralized, Challenged), Outposts (number), Capital (yes/no), LastInfoUpdate.

For a Solar system, you'd get a similar breakdown of Sun, Planets and Stargates, with color-coded icons to highlight their general state, and the same three bits of info:
 • Ownership (FactionName, Abandoned), State (Controlled, Neutralized, Challenged), LastInfoUpdate.

Planets could be expanded to give you the same info for each Planet and its possible Outposts and POS-ed moons (again with a highlighted icon to tell you at a glance if one or more moons have POSes, and if there's a beef there, before you even expand the planet's moon cluster line).

A marginally smarter version of this should be able to show you what the matter is by selecting a specific item, and show you what your Faction is missing to get a hold of it, skill requirements-style: for a Neutralized Planet, you could see instantly how many Stargates you (don't) Control, how many are needed before you can have a go at the DCC, etc.

Strategic Overview could be implemented without much trouble under Apocrypha, easier even under the dumbed-down Dominion model, and would obviously make common sense under Exegesis.

Just a thought…

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