Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Late to the party ?

A friend pointed me to this, which somehow had escaped my attention until now — thanks, B.

It's basically a starting EVE-like game, only with mechas, and on the ground, done by a Hungarian team.
This looks interesting, if only because it offers another, and fresh perspective on the same defining elements as EVE, which very few games have really tried to tackle, to date.

Also… mechas !

On a bright note, compared to EVE's, Perpetuum's gameverse and backstory make perfectly good sense, and earnestly avoid some of the most ridiculous non sequiturs clichés of space op'.
Not that it matters so much in a pew-pew game, but there's always that.

On the downside, the character's portraits should not be gazed upon if you have a weak stomach… they are uncannily (and not on purpose I suspect) disturbing.


Will Perpetuum make it ? I don't think so, unless it gets a massive injection of capital and/or talent to help it reach critical mass and differentiate from what is comparatively the 800 pound gorilla in that small niche.


Before you go all internet lawyery on those guys for the blatant ripoff of your favorite intarweb spaceship game, read this first, take a walk around the block breathing through your nose a  few times,  then go check your game design history (about UO and BattleMechs/Tech, notably) to get some perspective on how much of EVE is truly unique, original IP.


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