Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Logoff/Downtime Grace period.

With the removal of timer-based obstacles in sovereignty contests, and because the main battlegrounds of territorial warfare would then be deadspace dungeons, metagaming the daily downtime could become even more imbalancing under Exegesis than before, if left unchecked.
To address this issue (and a few other of lesser impact), Exegesis should introduce a Relog Grace Period on logoff/logon, and around downtimes.

Downtime Grace Period:

[Intended to prevent pre-DT zerg rushes on Dungeons]
  • From 15' before downtime, and during the 15' following restart of TQ, it is not possible to tune/neutralize sovereignty structures:
    Sovereignty Structures, be they Occupancy Tokens, Sovereignty Flagpoles or sovereignty-affected POS (and modules) gain a temporary invulnerability to FoF Tuning for 15' pre and post downtime: FoF Tuner modules aimed at them will complete their cycle, but will auto-deactivate after that, and the current FoF Tuner cycle will be 'wasted' (the effect of FoF Tuners applies to their target as the end of a cycle, not as it starts).
    [Note: Tuning equipment remains functional against ships and anchorables during the Grace Period, as a provision for the Commandeering feature to work as intended. FW Sovereignty Tokens are subject to the Grace period just as any player-conquerable structure.]

[Intended to prevent long downtimes from overly helping Defenders.]
  • Sovereignty Structures for which a Passive Tuning Recharge may apply still benefit from it during the grace period, but never during downtime. Changes in the state of sovereignty that require a downtime to be reflected in game will be decided based on a snapshot of the gamestate at the time the server goes offline.

[Intended to prevent the Defenders of a Dungeon to leverage the downtime as a way to force Challengers back to the Entrance level of the Dungeon]
  • Ships logging off inside any Planetary/Solar Dungeon's room in the last 15' before a downtime/reboot will auto-warp back to the same room (instead of the Dungeon's Entrance deadspace pocket) if they log back in within the first 15' following server restart.

Relog Grace Period:

[Intended to protect players from too severe a penalty in case of accidental disconnect]
  • Ships logging off inside a Planetary/Solar Dungeon at any time (outside of the 15' pre-Downtime Grace Period) enjoy a 15' Relog Grace Period, during which they will auto-warp-back to the coordinates where they lost link inside the Dungeon. Normal emergency-warpoff to 1 million KM applies inside a Dungeon, but during the first 15' after lost-link is detected, a ship will enjoy a special pass to warp back right into the Dungeon deadspace pocket they left from — past that delay, they will auto-warp back to the Dungeon's entrance beacon.
    [Note: regular timers are not canceled by the Relog Grace Period in Dungeons: losing link with aggro will see your ship try to auto-warpoff to 1 million KM then stand defenseless there for the duration of the aggro timer before you vanish, but if you relog before 15' past losing link, you'll auto-warp right back inside the dungeon where you lost link in first place, not to the Dungeon's entrance pocket — unless that's where you logged off, ofc.]

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