Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can code, will travel.

If you have read this stuff, think it would be less terrible than Dominion, can code (preferably Java, Flash or anything reasonably platform-agnostic and web-friendly), and have a few hours to spare on BeerWare, I'd like it if you got in touch with me, either in comments or by email.

The idea is to create an interactive demo of Exegesis sovereignty mechanics, or maybe make it a simple 2D webgame, if you feel up to it.

I may be prompt to fill downtime mocking SCRUM bigots, but I'm not averse to rapid prototyping — I just don't like it when the half-baked results of early design brainstorming sessions end up plaguing TQ for years, at the expense of 300k paying customers.

The hopes CCP will reconsider the announced trainwreck that is Dominion solely because of a WebApp demo are slim at best, but there's no harm in trying… necessary triumph, ebil good men, do nothing, you know the song.

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