Friday, November 27, 2009

Judgement day, or something.

This is it: the Dominion expansion page is up, and the official deployment news, too.

Not that's it a big surprise, obviously, but I'm curious about what will really make it through the initial release, or be held back at last minute, and you certainly can't trust the features page for that, since half the dev blogs linked there are obsolete already.

My plans ? I'm checking out the NPC sovereignty pockets in otherwise conquerable 0.0 regions, and I'm prepping to go all UO on the simpletons that will throw ISK at upgrading their space. EVE is taking a turn for the stupidest, and I shall embrace it as long as I bother to log in.

Enjoy your last weekend of pre-arena EVE, folks: you'll want to hang on to the memories.

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