Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cloning 2.0

[Editor's note: Wrapping up on the Canned Heroes series, I realized the obvious: not only is it a friggin Chinese wall'o'txt, but that kind of freewheeling exercise tends to bring up the best and most important bits at the end of the ride, so I hope this feature post will help you get through it with minimal pain. 
Enjoy, if you can.]

Cloning 2.0

…a.k.a Canned Heroes, is a series about new mechanics for clone management and especially cloning on ships, such as supercapital and rorqual medical bays enable — there is also a bit of Walking in Stations and capsules-centric fun in there, because why not.

I suggest you start with part 1 (uncanny !) to get the big picture, then skip ahead to the 4th (and final) episode to see how it should play out with Motherships, Titans and (to a slightly lesser extent) Rorquals.
Part 4 also includes some design notes at the end.
Part 2 and part 3 are worth reading if you're interested in the minutiae of game mechanics, or if you want further details on stuff brought up in the two main installments.

Future material related to Cloning will/would be listed below, and tagged thusly:

• Everything Cloning 2.0


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