Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DevBlog #722 — Xmas Gift

Normally I wouldn't post about the yearly holiday gift, but I'm making an exception because: a)  this one is actually a cool gift as it has in-game purpose, which makes it both a collectible and a nice (eventually) rare in one's inventory ; b) it does look like almost like an actual spaceship could/would which is a nice surprise in itself ; and c) because I'm still working in the background and I really don't have much handy to fill this downtime.

The Zephyr does look so totally cool, it's not in the item db yet.

So, make sure to at least pretend to log in once on each account, sometime from December 18th to no later than January 6th, hit the Redeem Items button on the character selection screen (seriously, you don't even need to actually get in game), select which toon on the account you want to gratify with this goodie, et voila: your character of choice is now the proud owner of a NPC-invisible wormhole probe-ship (unless it's bugged, in which case you still got yourself a cool looking vanity frigate).

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