Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Interruption of service.

For reasons that may not be entirely mysterious to the three of you familiar with my current locale, my internet access is fubar in extreme proportions these days.

This is mostly due to the local power grid being out of whack to such a point that continuity of power supply to telco routers in town can no longer be taken for granted… to give you an idea, our house is rigged tri-phased (aussie-style), and thus the nominal entry voltage at the meter (for everything to work smoothly) is expected to hover around 400v, while anything below 350v at the meter will prompt the whines of the UPSes in the office.

Right now, I get circa 320v at the meter, and rarely above 330v at any time close to local peak-consumption hours — it ain't good enuff for anything except laptops, which can somewhat surf this light air.
The laser printer/copier is useless, and so are the desktop computers unless you want to run them without a backup UPS (bad, bad idea). Even the wireless router/modem fails to milk enough juice from the wall socket to stay alive when the grid power is so low, thus our only hope is the diesel generator… which happens to have gone tits up every other day for the past month (replacement underway, but etatbd).

To sum up: an average of 3 power outages a day, at non-predictable hours, each lasting 2 to 5 hours (averaging 3h), sub-standard juice when the grid is not down, plus dead-ish generator  translate in me being offline most of the time, which means no EVE-ing of the in-game sort, and by association, a much decreased interest in EVE Offline™, too.

I'm still toying around with some new content for 'EVE is broken', but at back burner intensity, so don't hold your breath: it may last up to two months before I regain access to reliable inet.

Tomorrow is Xmas, luckily the oven and stoves here are gas-powered all, so we're looking at a feast, even if it's by candlelight: enjoy yours, too, if you're into that sort of thing.

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  1. C'mon, its been more than long enough since your last post, we are waiting!! :)