Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yes… It's lupus !

So, I received a mail from an old e-friend, a few weeks ago, asking me:
"Hey, what's up with you not posting on the cranky blog in months, is EVE not broken naymore ?"
To which I replied:
"I gather they're trying hard to fix it, and they seem to go at it more or less the right way, from what I'm told… just can't bring myself to get suckered in caring again, as I'd likely be just setting myself up for disappointment. ;)"
Yeah, I use old-school smileys in email, gimme a break: I was trying to sound lighthearted about it all.
Because the truth is, it's kind of sad. It's like expecting your kid or brother to fail horribly at everything: you simply don't want to feel that way.
Nor do you want to feel smug or even vindicated: it's like being right about a close relative's cold really being lupus…

And man, was I right.

Friday, March 9, 2012

CSM 7 - It's not you, it's me.

From yesterday, and up to March 21st, you can vote for any of those people.

In fairness, I can't give good advice as to whom thou shall throw thee ballot in for, considering I'm so far out of the loop of EVE things, it's not even wrong.
To wit, my personal voting bloc has been downscaled to 5 voices, counting one account that will lapse sometime later today, while the 4 other remaining ones are alive only thanks to administrative errors and the vague habit of keeping in touch with old spacenerd friends.

Still, I voted, and threw my barely above average weight behind Trebor, under the rationale he's been a solid workhorse for the past two CSMs, and the other people I know enough about to think they should be on the council certainly don't need my help to pass the alternate bar.
…nor does Trebor, for all I know, but considering I actually don't know much about the current political landscape and electoral warfare dynamics, it's a case of BSTS, plus he's the only serious candidate (that I've noticed) pushing for a reform of the electoral system towards something marginally less moronic than the current straight score rank.

Also, this:


Since I just made clear I have little clue about the state of EVE, who's who in this CSM race, or what are the issues at hand, why do I even bother posting about it ?
Because the CSM does matter, insofar as EVE is worth caring about, and because my current disengagement from anything-EVE owes more to my personal history with the game and its parent company than to their current and potential future state(s).
Also my not playing EVE anymore doesn't mean I stopped believing EVE matters quite a bit in the big picture of the MMO genre. 

In plain english, I left because I was burned out and tired of watching CCP playing with its sick, I'm nowhere near coming back until further notice, and thus can't be arsed to do the homework required to place my chips on anything smarter than a safe/reasonable bet.
On the other hand, everything I hear from people much more clued in than I am points in the same direction: both the game and the company are on a much less wrong track than they've been in years, while the competition is still nothing to write home about.

Unless you're in the exact same position I am, I have no candidate(s) to suggest to you, and deciding whom to vote for may require some research — here's a good starting point.

The takeaway being: if you have the time and inclination for the kind of game EVE can/could be when it fails to entirely suck, you should care, and partake if you can[1].



[1: You need an account older than 30 days, and active for 24h+ at the time of your vote, so if you reactivate some sleeping account anytime before the 19th of March, you can have a say.]

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just because.

…it's worth remembering: a community manager should not be just a mouthpiece.
Some actually have a clue about 'non relevant stuff', like business, sensible balancing, and how they tie.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Veni, vedi…

Vici ?

So went the CSM to the land of melting glaciers and anti-airliners volcanoes, had a sit-down with :teamawesome:, smoked the peace calumet, and returned happy enough to tell their people the sky is not falling, after all.

"How do I tell Hilmar he looks like a fool in this costume ?"

Although CCP has both clarified and mollified their position relative to for-pay content, it's all very contrived and timid — we're a far cry from the kind of heart-to-heart rendezvous with the community that would have been required to turn the situation around.

I can't say for sure what the CSM agenda was, going in, but if they got what they hoped for, they missed the mark by a mile and a hair, imo.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Escape from the black hole

In recent entries I covered how CCP had little choice but to try and restore customer trust pronto, before the monetization failure cascade they've thrown themselves into proves terminal.

We have to assume a week's worth of clue-by-four bashing by the community and media, then a bit of quiet time with the CSM drove that point home, or the whole discussion is moot, and it's time for a postmortem.

Obviously, neither the CSM nor anybody (but possibly their major shareholders and creditors) can force CCP to do what is suggested below, and :teamawesome:'s reluctance to admit to any mistake or fault is  the stuff of legends.

Thus, the only question now is whether CCP prefers to die in a freakish gasoline accident, or surrender to reason, and live to fight another day.

"If there is anything that this horrible tragedy can teach us, it's that a male model's life is a precious, precious commodity. Just because we have chiseled abs and stunning features, it doesn't mean that we too can't not die in a freak gasoline fight accident. "

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Biting your hand.

Working assumption: CCP needs more than they currently get from EVE to keep the freight load of WoD and Dust development rolling, and reckon just overheating a tad the old locomotive boiler won't do it.
In short, they need to borrow money, and they're fine with selling their coal-car to buy a new suit and enough bubbly, leather seats and drapes to impress the bankers — hoping EVE will be nice enough to keep running on its momentum and look the part until moar funds are secured.

The sad thing is they probably are going to drive their entire train off the rails and into the ground before even they run out of coal, when they could still save the entire operation by showing the least bit of common sense — although I'm not entirely sure to which extent it's still up to them by now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A quick reminder.

We're shooting pixels at pixels. 
At face value this is an activity devoid of both purpose and meaning.
The one reason it matters to us is because we agree to believe others care for the same thing(s) we do.
In that sense we're sharing some essential values, and thusly create worth out of nothing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Perpetuum temptation

Time and time over I've had to justify to others (and occasionally to myself) my lasting involvement with EVE online, considering how frequently it may seem I scorn EVE, its parent company CCP and even the EVE player community, parts or whole. 

I could write walls of text about the many things that make it all interesting to me (and I have the walls of text to prove it), but it can be boiled down to a simple choice of nothing vs something, however unsatisfying:
CCP may be a greedy, unfriendly, obnoxious shopkeeper with a bad temper and a family of inbreds for staff, and sure, they tend to drop cigar ash and the occasional gravel-for-capers on the pizza, and sure, you have to suffer redneck patrons chanting klu-klox anthems and puking in the dining dining room during happy hour, but New Eden's the only pizza place in this sad town, where you can't import a wood oven for under 60 million bucks.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Food, not filler.

In case you feel like reading more about CCP's suicide attempt (still bleeding as we speak), here's a pretty decent write up of the situation with some nice background from Brendan Brain, over at

Don't be put off by the doomsayer title, because: 1) the content is better than the cover in this case, and 2) it could actually be spot on.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Biting the hand.


EVE is not a global brand, it's a niche game that gets a lot of media attention, as a result of which its parent company is suffering from delusions of grandeur.
More accurately, EVE is a cult, meaning it matters quite a lot to a very small subset of the general population, everyone involved tends to suffers from chronic cognitive bias and the occasional hallucinatory excursion, and sane people either laugh at you, avoid you, or both — but you make great gossip material.

Words of wisdom for CCP: it's freakishly hard to transition from a barn-sized cult to a mainstream church: secret societies typically don't survive an open-door policy.
My suggestion: keep EVE players happy as pigs in the mud, EVE is the PR machine that will give to any 'mainstream' spinoff you churn that edgy shine kids love so much.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

My name is Hilmar,

…and I have no clue why people pay for EVE online.

I postponed my followup post about 'how to do virtual sales right' (in the context of EVE online) because the proverbial feces scattered through the revolving contraption in the meantime, specifically as this went public.

Long story short, we're led to believe an internal email from CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson to "ccp global list" (which we have to assume is the general mailing list read by many to most employees — at least on the EVE front) has been leaked to EVEnews24.

There's no bulletproof certainty about the source, and EVEnews24 editor's confidence is not entirely reassuring considering their track record, but it looks solid enough for the community to have gone up in arms over it. [Update: it has been confirmed since to really be Hilmar's.]

I'm going to play along and comment the thing under the assumption it's the real deal, because while I'm not entirely sure the community outrage is as well-placed as it should, there is cause for concern, here.

Slight bump.

Some stuff happened around the issue raised yesterday, and forced me to reconsider today's post.
Meanwhile, some people are getting a bit hissy about the whole mess.

Livecam from Jita protest (people took to shoot the Jita Memorial en masse as a way of shouting their discontent).

Friday, June 24, 2011

Greed is good, needy is bad.

Hello all (three of you),

it's been a while, but this week's lineup of EVE things gone wrong is just too massive to let pass without comment.

First, there was the release of Incarna 1.0, soon followed by patches 1, 2 and 3 in as many days.
This went about as smoothly as any major patch does: extended-extended downtimes, black screens and melted graphic cards — business as usual, by CCP standards.

Things got a bit worse when people figured the conversion rates on vanity items in the new 'Noble' shop expected them to burn more cash on their avatars wardrobe than the average EVE player spends to cover his XXL meatspace self.
The most forgiving souls will want to believe somebody @CCP fubared a decimal separator… alas.

1 AUR = half a U$D cent, do the math.

My first response was to point'n'laugh, but for some reason, there was much outrage about that.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New tires.

Went faster than I expected, and nothing blew in my face.
Feel free to trash the new look in comments and let me know if you find broken stuff I may have missed.

Side note: I couldn't figure how to make the new, blogger-provided template scale gracefully in width (ie use % instead of pixel width for the main gadget), please let me know if you have a tip for that.

Changing tires.

Redoing the layout/template to take advantage of a few new features of blogger/blogspot. 
Expect the site to be a tad messy for the next couple hours.
No apologies, it should be for the better, eventually.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lucky me…

…I'm sitting poolside, next to the sea, enjoying a good coffee on the terrace.
Oh, and also: I barely ever use EVE-O boards, thanks to the goodness that is eve-search.

That doesn't make what happened with the new forum any less wrong, mind you — so much so that the words are failing me, but not this guy, so go there for a very good expose on the very bad things that CCP did to itself and its community, this time around.

Here's CCP early public response, which is not bad, considering. Timely, yet dev blog only: apparently not news headlines worthy.

Then the news iteration, downplaying that trainwreck as a standard issue:

"We're experiencing technical difficulties, please hold."

And take two of the same, this time reluctantly acknowledging the elephant-sized cat out of the bag…

Then the inevitable very sad dev blog, dripping of the knee-jerk induced cold sweats we've come to expect from CCP in such situations, mixing signals, downplaying the actual threat, excusing massive failure under the "that's a good lesson for the future, I'm sure" umbrella, and attempting to both cajole and threaten the user base into sitting tight and holding hands while shit rains across their collective face.

To be fair, I'm not unsympathetic to CCP's situation, here: industrial accidents happens anywhere.
Still, this one this one is especially egregious and embarrassing, reeks of olympic levels in carelessness and incompetence, and shines a very gloomy light on the apparent change of course from Committing to Excellence (by standards you plebeians can't relate to) and toward Committing to Deliver (regardless of condition).

If it wasn't for the half-assed attempt at blame-the-victim tactics, believe it or not, I'd actually been cool with their handling of the crisis — although obviously not with the meat of the issue: shipping without fixing critical faults that had been reported during testing.

In other news, Incursion 1.4.2 just in, and so is the "Hey, it's we, the CSM6" introductory letter — I'll get back to this last bit, it sounds like fun.


Update: Kudos to CCP Sreegs for his awesome* tenacity in the dev blog comments threadnaught.
[*No sarcasm, for once.]

Friday, March 11, 2011

What's in a ballot ?

The booths are open, and as usual, half the debate surrounding the election process is about the very purpose and usefulness of the CSM, and mainly the following two questions:

  • What can a CSM delegate (or the CSM as a whole) hope to achieve, really ?
  • What (if anything) will CCP listen to ?

Friday, February 11, 2011

CSM, the out of pod experience.

As mentioned yesterday, I don't like much that the CSM members have to divulge their meatspace ID to the whole intarwebs, starting with the rabid EVE fanbase.

My argument is simple, CSM is not a job, you get in the seat on a part-time, extracurricular basis, and on the merits of your in-game persona (in the loosest meaning of in-game, including OOC/meta stuff, obviously).
Furthermore, nobody expects you to shed your in-game affiliations for the duration of your CSM mandate (contrary to what CCP employees are supposed to do).
In short, you're elected as a player and mainly for who you are in (and around) the game.

Thus, I don't see any benefits for the community or for the election process in divulging the CSM candidates/members out of game ID to the general public, and since the potential for trouble is obvious, it is a no-brainer that it should be up to the individual CSM delegates to decide whether they feel comfortable getting out of the closet in that way.

Some may object that the CSM role is a public one, and it is likely that any CSM delegate's face (and other body parts) could end up plastered across the intarwebs as a result of partaking in meetings, fanfest events and other photo shoots or alcohol-fueled embarrassing tapes.
Maybe so, but then again, if all there is to tie to these images is a spacenerd nickname, and one is not a public figure in his/her non-EVE activities, the odds are pretty good some separation can be maintained (if one chooses to).

CCP will still know who CSM delegates are, on account of their filling the plane and hotel tickets reservations, and they can therefore ensure nobody is entering under three different nicknames into the election.

As far as I can tell, the current rule only prevents people who are mildly wary of being stalked and harassed by mouthbreathers over in-game grudges from running for CSM, with no discernable upside for CCP, the CSM delegates or the community at large.

Am I missing something obvious ?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CSM 6 race: ze application period, it is now !

It's that time of the year.

In the previous elections, I've more or less vocally endorsed a shortlist of candidates, among those who seemed to me like they both had a decent shot at getting elected, and at making a positive contribution, were they to be, but this year I've also toyed with the idea of running for a CSM seat myself, after a friend suggested I put my posterior where my mouth is, instead of the usual converse.

Some of the CSM application rules are giving me pause, however:

Monday, January 31, 2011

EVE Online: What are your reasons?

I received a bunch of these recently, shortly after I celebrated the recent release of Incursion by letting another couple accounts lapse:

Dear Anonymous Coward,
We've noticed your account has not been active lately. If you stopped playing, we would like to learn what were your reasons for leaving. Please take this survey to help us to improve our service. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.
Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary, however, we'd be grateful if you could give us your feedback.
Your survey responses will remain confidential and data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate. If you have questions at any time about the survey, you may contact the research team at the email address
Thank you very much for your time and support. And you are always welcome back.
Please Start the survey now.
CCP Research Team

Because I'm a peach, I took the survey, if only to copy-paste here what I wrote over there.

New expansion: Granularity !

Good news, for a change, API keys overhaul.
This has been a long pet peeve of mine, and I wrote a bunch of stuff in the past, mostly on other venues, and never got around to populate the stub for it on this blog, dating back to Oct '08, because there was so much to rant about at the time I lost track of this particular item.

Anyhow, the changes look good and, together with the other recent reworks, clearly show that CCP finally gets how much players care about better usability and user control over information services in and around EVE.

A summary of promising (some of it already delivering somewhat) stuff:

  • EVEgate is looking good.
    • (much, much) better evemail that is actually useful.
    • Next logical step would be imap, which I don't see happening, unfortunately, but expect some community made API gadget to fill the gap soon enough, to enable at least evemail => realmail forwarding.
  • Calendar is promising, too, and I can see how over time (once the contracts system is properly redone), it could eventually enable player-created missions. As for mail, one can only hope to see the thing tied through API gadgets with more popular third-party calendars, such as Google/iCal/yfoc.
  • EVE Voice in EVEgate: Woot woot !
    • This is a big one, obviously.
      Ever since EVE voice got added to the game (back in 2006), its adoption by the players has been hindered by a fatal flaw in its implementation: it's integrated into the EVE client.
      • Integrated voice/fleet management is sweet, and comes with lots of side benefits, but none of it is worth the price of losing your voice comms at the worst possible time (ie: during a client lockup/crash/disco), so anyone using voice comms anything mission critical in the srs bzns of interweb spaceships is sticking to TS or Ventrilo or iChat conference call… anything but EVE voice.
    • Now, if Vivox is running in your browser, and you still get the benefits of seamless user/channel management in-game (via the fleet interface)…

Generally speaking, the last crop of tools is already a tremendous improvement, especially for small corps/alliances that don't have their own IT department to manage private forum/TS/calendar, etc.

This was a warm and fuzzy-feeling only post, so I'll wrap this one up, and return to the normal rant program in our next installment: EVE Online: What are your reasons? 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No promises, but…

I am back in net-friendly parts of the world, presumably for a while, with a reasonably roaring computer at hand, and presumably a bit of time and inclination to look at games again.

What does it mean for EVEisBroken, then ?

Although my interest  in EVE as a player is not exactly peaking, it remains a one-of-a-kind animal in the MMO* market to date, and worth some time and attention, if only to learn from the spectacle of CCP's fumbling around.

Of note, the recent boon of very much worth reading DevBlogs, a tad on the technical side, which are encouraging.
Now if only they'd figure how to put the same energy in game design proper, I may have to rename this blog, but I don't see any tells of that happening anytime soon.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


[I was drunk earlier, and now I'm at a Takeshi Kitano expo, don't wait on me.]


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wish granted !


I, for once, can't complain: most of the changes outlined there seem healthy and sound, and largely match what I had in mind after a bit of pondering on the ISK and minerals in, outs and distribution relative to insurance and loot reprocessing.

The changes on loot reprocessability and distribution as well as the drone alloys recipes balancing, I  can certainly endorse. Increasing the mineral self-sufficiency of drone regions especially is in tune with this part of the map intended design and will not adversely affect the empire-bourne mineral market, although making the other 0.0 regions more self-sufficient on low-end minerals may be more of a mixed bag, yet not a bad move overall.

To be entirely fair, CCP is apparently committed to reach way beyond my expectations by including market value of materials even for T2 and T3 ships, which supposes they actually intend to write a new, all-encompassing insurance system — as opposed to merely tweak and hack onto the existing mechanics.
If they do it and don't get sidetracked: kudos.

A bit of a mystery to me is why CCP seems so shy to approach the issue of self-destruction and suicide ganks/Concordokkage… although I'm fine with suicide attacks remaining a viable tactic, I wouldn't expect my insurance to ever cover me ramming on purpose into a schoolbus with my moped.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rest insured, dear players…

…wow, that was a nasty one ! Let's move on, quick.

There has been a bit of excitement lately about a possible insurance tweak/nerf to come (maybe), and while I didn't bother go and check for myself on SiSi, it's not hard to believe and agree with this guy when he claims to be appalled.
"I ran the numbers on this, and I must say I am appalled. Instead of refining the insurance formula, they simply reduced the base price of the ships by 31.7%. The net insurance rates are identical."
…told you he was — appalled.

Insurance has been a bone of contention for a while, and more so since CCP went out of its way to progressively phase out the sale of reprocess-able goods by NPC corporations.

Like almost everybody in EVE, I have an opinion on the matter, and you won't be surprised to find out I think insurance is broken.

Sunday, March 28, 2010



I'm finally back in broadband-friendly parts of the world, with some spare time on my hands, and I hear rumors that could get me to care a wee bit about EVE again, notably:
  • CCP is slowly realizing how fucked up Dominion sovereignty system is, 
  • Mark/Abathur/Seleene is no longer in charge of making things worse in 0.0,
  • a do-over of sovereignty, roles and other niceties is a not-so-distant possibility,
  • CSM seems to be growing in influence, at least in the "get your head out of your arse alert" department.
…expect new ramblings sooner than SOON™.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Interruption of service.

For reasons that may not be entirely mysterious to the three of you familiar with my current locale, my internet access is fubar in extreme proportions these days.

This is mostly due to the local power grid being out of whack to such a point that continuity of power supply to telco routers in town can no longer be taken for granted… to give you an idea, our house is rigged tri-phased (aussie-style), and thus the nominal entry voltage at the meter (for everything to work smoothly) is expected to hover around 400v, while anything below 350v at the meter will prompt the whines of the UPSes in the office.

Right now, I get circa 320v at the meter, and rarely above 330v at any time close to local peak-consumption hours — it ain't good enuff for anything except laptops, which can somewhat surf this light air.
The laser printer/copier is useless, and so are the desktop computers unless you want to run them without a backup UPS (bad, bad idea). Even the wireless router/modem fails to milk enough juice from the wall socket to stay alive when the grid power is so low, thus our only hope is the diesel generator… which happens to have gone tits up every other day for the past month (replacement underway, but etatbd).

To sum up: an average of 3 power outages a day, at non-predictable hours, each lasting 2 to 5 hours (averaging 3h), sub-standard juice when the grid is not down, plus dead-ish generator  translate in me being offline most of the time, which means no EVE-ing of the in-game sort, and by association, a much decreased interest in EVE Offline™, too.

I'm still toying around with some new content for 'EVE is broken', but at back burner intensity, so don't hold your breath: it may last up to two months before I regain access to reliable inet.

Tomorrow is Xmas, luckily the oven and stoves here are gas-powered all, so we're looking at a feast, even if it's by candlelight: enjoy yours, too, if you're into that sort of thing.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DevBlog #722 — Xmas Gift

Normally I wouldn't post about the yearly holiday gift, but I'm making an exception because: a)  this one is actually a cool gift as it has in-game purpose, which makes it both a collectible and a nice (eventually) rare in one's inventory ; b) it does look like almost like an actual spaceship could/would which is a nice surprise in itself ; and c) because I'm still working in the background and I really don't have much handy to fill this downtime.

The Zephyr does look so totally cool, it's not in the item db yet.

So, make sure to at least pretend to log in once on each account, sometime from December 18th to no later than January 6th, hit the Redeem Items button on the character selection screen (seriously, you don't even need to actually get in game), select which toon on the account you want to gratify with this goodie, et voila: your character of choice is now the proud owner of a NPC-invisible wormhole probe-ship (unless it's bugged, in which case you still got yourself a cool looking vanity frigate).

Monday, December 14, 2009


Updates have been few and far between the past few days, sorry about that: I'm working on a couple series, tidying up and putting things together in a less rambling format than the recent large ones.

Meanwhile, CCP is releasing patch 0.3 for Dominion, which apparently doesn't include fixes for the SBU glitch:

Due to an issue making outposts and infrastructure hubs vulnerable to attack without the attacker having adequate SBU units it is considered an exploit to attack if you do not have enough SBU units in the system, please see this forum thread for more information.

I don't really feel like going 'I told you so' about the current sovereignty mechanics woes, because predicting Dominion sov would be a mess deserves about as much credit as foreseeing the coming of night after dusk. …besides, there isn't much to observe just yet about the impact of this new design on the map: whatever effects we see so far result from the combo of bugs and post-expansion fever you'd expect of any rushed release, thus Dominion as a ruleset can't be fairly judged on track record for now.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Capital Ship Maintenance Bays

[Editor's note: I'm back after a few days off, sorry about the lack of advance notice, RL happens.]


As previously mentioned in the entry about supercapitals overhaul, and in the Canned Heroes series, one of the limiting factors to the adoption and use of (super)capitals as ship-carriers is how unwieldy Ship Maintenance Bays (SMB) are. This is also true of POS-bound Ship Maintenance Arrays (SMA), which suffer from most of the same restrictions.

What I'd like to propose here is rather simple: treat SMB and SMA much like stations' ship hangars, and whenever applicable, make the same features and services available.

Here's what one could expect to find in a SMB/SMA:
  1. Ability to park one's ship as-is, with all cargo, and secure it: within the limits of the bay/array capacity.
  2. Ability to board/debark: while inside the bay/array.
  3. Ability to fit/unfit: likewise, from within the bay/array.
  4. Ability to load/unload ships: that's cargo, ammo, fuel, drones, whatever — without having to launch first.
  5. Ability to unpack/pack ships: seriously…

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CSM up, TQ down.

The 4th CSM has started.
…actually it has started about a week ago, but I only just noticed the news item on EVE-O today.

From what I can tell this isn't the worse coucil composition ever, although I'm a bit sorry Helen Highwater / Iain Compton didn't make it, and by a hair at that… knowing my fellow EVE players, there's reasonable hope one of the presently elected will be stupid enough to abuse his CSM seat *and* get caught.

The general turnout was pretty low at 7.36%, Finland stole the participation ribbon at a measly 13.32% turnout, from 3rd CSM election Bulgaria's 38.10%, itself following 1st (38.19%) and 2nd (40.5%) CSM Hungary's. Make of that what you want.

Don't hold your breath for the CSM minutes being published, btw: as far as I can tell, they're not yet done catching up with the CSM 3's as it is.

Meanwhile, Tranquility broke a new record last night, with 54,181 spacenerds logged simultaneously, which was celebrated with enough enthusiasm — and presumably booze of some kind — to see TQ repeatedly puke its db guts out, taking down the EVE API service with it (still not back up last time I checked).
This last bit didn't make the news, for some reason.

I don't know about you, but the weather is glorious today, so I'm out for a stroll.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cloning 2.0

[Editor's note: Wrapping up on the Canned Heroes series, I realized the obvious: not only is it a friggin Chinese wall'o'txt, but that kind of freewheeling exercise tends to bring up the best and most important bits at the end of the ride, so I hope this feature post will help you get through it with minimal pain. 
Enjoy, if you can.]

Cloning 2.0

…a.k.a Canned Heroes, is a series about new mechanics for clone management and especially cloning on ships, such as supercapital and rorqual medical bays enable — there is also a bit of Walking in Stations and capsules-centric fun in there, because why not.

I suggest you start with part 1 (uncanny !) to get the big picture, then skip ahead to the 4th (and final) episode to see how it should play out with Motherships, Titans and (to a slightly lesser extent) Rorquals.
Part 4 also includes some design notes at the end.
Part 2 and part 3 are worth reading if you're interested in the minutiae of game mechanics, or if you want further details on stuff brought up in the two main installments.

Future material related to Cloning will/would be listed below, and tagged thusly:

• Everything Cloning 2.0


Canned Heroes (part 4)

[Continued from part 3]

Cloning on ships.

Today's installment covers the issue that originally prompted my thinking about the whole Canned Heroes thing, namely the fact Clone Vat Bays in their current implementation are of very limited usefulness, due to the fact their cloning goodness is a one-shot feature.

The capacity of Clone Vat Bays on supercapitals as they are now is plenty (35 to 60 clones on a Mothership, 75 to 130 on a Titan, depending on Cloning Facility Operation skill), and doesn't need tweaking. The problem comes from the fact they are limited to jump cloning.

I don't know about you, but when I think Mothership plus Clone Vat Bay, I see this:

Mothership, served with prawns.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Hopefully last silent day.

Part 4 of the Canned Heroes series is almost done — I'll push it as soon as I'm done, possibly even before next downtime.

Stay tuned.