Monday, January 31, 2011

EVE Online: What are your reasons?

I received a bunch of these recently, shortly after I celebrated the recent release of Incursion by letting another couple accounts lapse:

Dear Anonymous Coward,
We've noticed your account has not been active lately. If you stopped playing, we would like to learn what were your reasons for leaving. Please take this survey to help us to improve our service. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.
Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary, however, we'd be grateful if you could give us your feedback.
Your survey responses will remain confidential and data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate. If you have questions at any time about the survey, you may contact the research team at the email address
Thank you very much for your time and support. And you are always welcome back.
Please Start the survey now.
CCP Research Team

Because I'm a peach, I took the survey, if only to copy-paste here what I wrote over there.

[I'll spare you the rest of the MCQ, I equally distributed the votes of the various accounts for which I received the exit survey email across the the highlighted selections below.]

Please choose the option that best fits your reason for leaving:
[Man, do I wish you could choose more than one and weight your answers, there, but the wording and selection of choices offered will tell you a lot about the purpose and usefulness of this quizz, already.]
  • Lost a ship
  • Player harassment
  • Game imbalance
  • Lag 
  • Lack of content 
  • EVE client is not available in my language 
  • Lack of goals within the game 
  • Last patch 
  • The game is too difficult 
  • Slow character advancement 
  • Tired of the game 
  • Other, please specify: CCP is an army of headless poultry ?
Please provide more information on your reason for leaving:

I'm an old fart player, tried everything but mining and Planetary interaction.

The only interesting part remaining for me was 0.0 politics and PvP, from which everything else (industry, empire noobie training, you name it) drew purpose — but no more.

Unfortunately, Dominion and beyond changed the sovereignty rules and the cost/benefits of holding space in 0.0 for the worst (and that's saying something considering how bad POS warfare used to be).

Holding space is now a meaningless, losing proposition unless you already are in so large an entity that you can't contemplate forgoing your painfully acquired sovereign space.
Meanwhile the changes to territorial warfare mechanics have reinforced the long established trend of blob-trumps-all, showing that either CCP doesn't understand how their own game plays out, or they're happy bullshitting about "giving a fair shake to the small guy" while enacting changes that foster the exact opposite — neither of which is really reassuring about what's to come next.

NPC incursions look cute, but I did not get into to EVE to bash mobs: I want to play EVE with (and against) actual players, and see smarts, teamwork and (player)skills matter more than blob size and oober gear.

So, there…what about you ?

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