Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yes… It's lupus !

So, I received a mail from an old e-friend, a few weeks ago, asking me:
"Hey, what's up with you not posting on the cranky blog in months, is EVE not broken naymore ?"
To which I replied:
"I gather they're trying hard to fix it, and they seem to go at it more or less the right way, from what I'm told… just can't bring myself to get suckered in caring again, as I'd likely be just setting myself up for disappointment. ;)"
Yeah, I use old-school smileys in email, gimme a break: I was trying to sound lighthearted about it all.
Because the truth is, it's kind of sad. It's like expecting your kid or brother to fail horribly at everything: you simply don't want to feel that way.
Nor do you want to feel smug or even vindicated: it's like being right about a close relative's cold really being lupus…

And man, was I right.