Friday, March 9, 2012

CSM 7 - It's not you, it's me.

From yesterday, and up to March 21st, you can vote for any of those people.

In fairness, I can't give good advice as to whom thou shall throw thee ballot in for, considering I'm so far out of the loop of EVE things, it's not even wrong.
To wit, my personal voting bloc has been downscaled to 5 voices, counting one account that will lapse sometime later today, while the 4 other remaining ones are alive only thanks to administrative errors and the vague habit of keeping in touch with old spacenerd friends.

Still, I voted, and threw my barely above average weight behind Trebor, under the rationale he's been a solid workhorse for the past two CSMs, and the other people I know enough about to think they should be on the council certainly don't need my help to pass the alternate bar.
…nor does Trebor, for all I know, but considering I actually don't know much about the current political landscape and electoral warfare dynamics, it's a case of BSTS, plus he's the only serious candidate (that I've noticed) pushing for a reform of the electoral system towards something marginally less moronic than the current straight score rank.

Also, this:


Since I just made clear I have little clue about the state of EVE, who's who in this CSM race, or what are the issues at hand, why do I even bother posting about it ?
Because the CSM does matter, insofar as EVE is worth caring about, and because my current disengagement from anything-EVE owes more to my personal history with the game and its parent company than to their current and potential future state(s).
Also my not playing EVE anymore doesn't mean I stopped believing EVE matters quite a bit in the big picture of the MMO genre. 

In plain english, I left because I was burned out and tired of watching CCP playing with its sick, I'm nowhere near coming back until further notice, and thus can't be arsed to do the homework required to place my chips on anything smarter than a safe/reasonable bet.
On the other hand, everything I hear from people much more clued in than I am points in the same direction: both the game and the company are on a much less wrong track than they've been in years, while the competition is still nothing to write home about.

Unless you're in the exact same position I am, I have no candidate(s) to suggest to you, and deciding whom to vote for may require some research — here's a good starting point.

The takeaway being: if you have the time and inclination for the kind of game EVE can/could be when it fails to entirely suck, you should care, and partake if you can[1].



[1: You need an account older than 30 days, and active for 24h+ at the time of your vote, so if you reactivate some sleeping account anytime before the 19th of March, you can have a say.]

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