Monday, December 14, 2009


Updates have been few and far between the past few days, sorry about that: I'm working on a couple series, tidying up and putting things together in a less rambling format than the recent large ones.

Meanwhile, CCP is releasing patch 0.3 for Dominion, which apparently doesn't include fixes for the SBU glitch:

Due to an issue making outposts and infrastructure hubs vulnerable to attack without the attacker having adequate SBU units it is considered an exploit to attack if you do not have enough SBU units in the system, please see this forum thread for more information.

I don't really feel like going 'I told you so' about the current sovereignty mechanics woes, because predicting Dominion sov would be a mess deserves about as much credit as foreseeing the coming of night after dusk. …besides, there isn't much to observe just yet about the impact of this new design on the map: whatever effects we see so far result from the combo of bugs and post-expansion fever you'd expect of any rushed release, thus Dominion as a ruleset can't be fairly judged on track record for now.

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