Monday, November 23, 2009

DevBlog #717 — Capital ships in Dominion.

Let's be fair, one can't bash CCP for coming up with utterly stupid designs they bullheadedly rush towards Tranquility, and not salute the comparatively sensible decision to put a pin in at least some of it, and go back to the drawing board.

So… watch me while I laud CCP Nozh for his feat of un-retardedness in Dev Blogging.

Yes, the very good news is: broken Motherships will not be replacing Apocrypha-era Titans as the WTFsoloPWNmachine 2.0 of Dominion (although there's a good chance they'll still be re-christened SuperCarriers, for the LULz).

The other good-looking news is: the re-balancing of  XL weapons seems sensible, at least on paper — Minnie dreads with their dual weaponry will probably remain slightly behind the DPS curve compared to their peers when sieged (although even that remains to be seen in the light of late/post-release fixes), but they enjoy a slight advantage in flexibility, compared at least to Amarr, when engaging moving targets.

Finally, Titans figure how to use those XLs gun slots that until now were shelved in favor of utility modules, with a hefty enough damage multiplier to warrant locking non-blues. Combined with the new death-ray superweapons replacing Doomsday devices, this turns titans into extremely expensive yet not entirely pointless gunboats with logistical superpowers, which isn't so bad a placeholder to wait until they get re-written for good, hopefully (optimist hat on).


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