Tuesday, November 24, 2009

EVE is broken, yet…

With me being back in the proverbial armchair and buttocks-deep into game design again, I've come to remember how grateful I've been over the years for the very existence of EVE, and how I still should remain grateful for it to this day.

Sure, EVE has it wrong on a grocery list of levels, the gameplay is terrible (at least relative to its stated ambitions), the community is an embarrassment of Palin-esque proportions for the human species, and the public faces of CCP, through its developers and PR mouthpieces don't do much to help it, yet…

My perpetual concern that the failings of CCP are somehow poisoning the well for future PvP sandbox MMO* aside, EVE has one great feat going for itself and the genre: it exists, and is alive, profitable and steadily growing 6 years after public release — and that has to count for something.

Whenever one gets into a discussion about the viability of design concepts tied to the whole sandbox-PvP thing, EVE provides the likes of me with a simple point-and-smirk, one-click rebuttal to the boilerplate argument that 'PvP games are doomed to fail, period'.


My heartfelt thanks to the people @CCP for making, running, maintaining this game. For being a bunch of clueless monkeys and overall asshats griefer frattards, you're still family. Despite everything, you're the living proof we don't belong in museums just yet — we just are a bit slow to evolve.

With love,


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