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FoF Tuner Modules


FoF Tuners are high-slot utility modules that emit FoF Tuning signal to the specific frequency of a Faction, Corporation or Pilot, directed at a locked target.
When activated against an applicable target, this signal is either added to the target current tuning charge (if the emitter and target frequencies match) or subtracted from it (if they differ).

The effect of FoF Tuners signal is applied to the target at the end of the module cycle, not as it starts — long-cycled FoF Tuners will see a significant delay before the target's tuning charge starts changing as a result of the module's first activation.

FoF Frequencies:

• Each Pilot, Corporation or Alliance FoF frequency is unique and tied to its ID.

• Which frequency a FoF Tuner is emitting can be selected automatically (default) or manually (with Scripts).
  • In Auto mode they will select the first applicable frequency in this order: Faction, Corporation, Pilot.
  • Two scripts allow to force the frequency to either Corporation or Pilot as default, but the FoF Tuner will revert to Auto if the selected frequency is not applicable to the designated target, starting the cycle from the Script-selected step. 

FoF Tuners:
  • Come in Micro, Small, Medium, Heavy and Capital sizes, with versions ranging from Meta 1 to 15.

  • Like other similar emitters, FoF Tuners use capacitor power to output a proportional amount of effect per cycle: much like 'normal' damage, it can be quantified in per-second output, in this case Ts/sec.

  • The efficiency of FoF tuners doesn't follow a strict 'bigger is better' code. Larger versions of FoF Tuners don't necessarily make the best use of capacitor and charges compared to smaller types.
    Notably, Medium (cruiser-sized) Tuners display a higher efficiency and proportionally longer range (before skills/ship modifiers) compared to most other types — this is intentional, to allow T1/T2 cruisers to prove viable choices in territorial warfare and POS Commandeering.
In addition to capacitor power, FoF tuners burn Cooling Pellets to prevent overheating.
  • Cooling Pellets come in only one size and flavor, various FoF Tuner models will simply burn more or less per cycle, depending on their model and applicable modifiers.

  • A FoF Tuner can run without cooling pellets, but will start heating up and spreading heat damage through high slots soon afterwards.

  • Overloading a FoF Tuner increases it's Ts/sec output by about 40%, at the expense of doubled cooling pellets consumption (which still won't be enough to stop it from overheating).

  • Running an overloaded FoF Tuner without cooling pellets is possible, but will result in 2x the usual heat buildup …expect some of your high slots to go offline shortly if you go there for more than a cycle or two.

The actual stats of FoF Tuners are yet tba, but should be comparable with Energy Transfer / Neutralizer modules of equivalent size.

Accounting for lvl4 in Frequency Modulation and FoF Tuning skills, stats should scale as follows from T1 to T2 (without ship-specific bonus):
Size:          Range(km)  Ts/sec  CapEff    Cycle  Pellets/Cycle
Micro:          6.5-8     10       x1.2       5s     6-9
Small:           10-12    12.5     x1.1      10s    12-18
Medium:        22.5-27    20       x1.25     10s    20-30
Heavy:           32-38.5  30       x1        15s    40-60
Capital(Sieged): 40-48    50(312)  x0.15(x1) 30s   180-250

• Ts/sec values are for non-named T1 Tuners. T2 variants should output about 20% more for an average increase of 50% in Cooling Pellets consumption, with a constant capacitor efficiency.

• Actual capacitor use and base values are tbd, but the Cap Efficiency values above reflect what should be the proportional Ts units emitted for a set capacitor drain.

• Ship modifiers (Assault Frigates, Marauders) to the base Cooling Pellets consumption of various FoF Tuners types are rounded up to the unit on each cycle.

Applicable skills :
  • FoF Tuning: allows usage of FoF Tuners. Rank 4 Science skill, Intelligence/Willpower.

    • Prereqs: Electronics lvl 4.

    FoF Tuning grants a 5% per skill level to the Tuning Signal output of FoF Tuners and to the passive tuning recharge rate and tuning capacity of one's ship (Tuning Strength modifiers).
    Tech 1 Micro, Small, Medium, Heavy and Capital FoF Tuners require the FoF Tuning Skill at lvl 1 through 5 respectively. T2 FoF Tuners require +2 lvls over their T1 counterparts (up to lvl5).

  • Electronic Warfare, for 5% reduction in capacitor usage per skill level (not applicable to capital FoF Tuners).

  • Frequency Modulation, for 10% increase in range per skill level.

Specialist Ships — The following ship classes have special bonus for FoF Tuner modules:
  • Assault Frigates, Marauders: all races.

    • Per Ship skill level: 10% to FoF Tuner efficiency (reduces capacitor and cooling pellets usage) and 15% RoF boost.
    • Ship role bonus: 250% FoF Tuner range multiplier.

    A typical AF pilot with lvl4 Assault Ships skill will burn 8 Cooling Pellets per cycle on T1 Small FoF Tuners, and 11 on a T2 small FoF Tuner — lvl 5 Assault Ships will reduce the consumption of a Small FoF Tuner II to 9 pellets/cycle.
    Marauders follow the same profile: level 4 in ship-specific skill will burn 24u/cycle and 36u/cycle on Heavy T1 and T2 Tuners, respectively, reduced to 20u/cycle and 30u/cycle at lvl5.

  • Dreadnoughts: all races

    • Per Racial Dreadnought skill level: 10% to FoF Tuner efficiency (reduces capacitor and cooling pellets usage) and 10% RoF boost.
    • Ship role bonus: 300% FoF Tuner range multiplier.
    • Siege mode affects FoF Tuners like other siege weapons, with a 625% multiplier to Ts/cycle, but incurs a 20 seconds activation delay on a new target (ignored on following cycles in autorepeat mode).

  • T3 Cruisers/others: Undecided yet, but likely.

Cooling Pellets:

Those are produced (by players only) from a mix of Coolant, Heavy Water and Nanite Paste. They require BPO or BPC sold by various NPC corporations through their LP stores.
  • While many NPC corporations will offer Cooling Pellets BPC, only the NPC Factional Warfare Militias will offer BPO, at a substantial cost and only to pilots in high standings with them (and Faction).

  • Each Pellet is 0.005 m3 in size, and weighs 0.01 kg

  • The recipe for Cooling Pellets is 1x Nanite Repair Paste, 10 Coolant, 20 Heavy Water — for 1000 units per run and a price estimate of about 80 ISK/pellet (blueprint costs ignored).


[See Commandeering for more information on FoF Tuning applications.]

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