Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You're it !

I promised yesterday I'll cover the good bits of what's coming in Dominion before I move on to offer some ideas about how to address the horribly botched parts of the design, but I got distracted toying with new feature ideas, and didn't finish this other thing, so today's downtime filler is a game of tag.

Hit a target ship using a ballistic (non-homing) special 'Tag' munition to enable your ship to track it across space. It's like scanning, except you slap your personal homing beacon on the target and then chase it across the 'verse, or almost.

Tagging munitions create a durable beacon on the target, that appear in both the overview and system-map for the ship that shot the munition, allowing it to track the target as it moves around and to warp to it with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Tag Probes and Tracker Bombs create a ship-to-ship link between the target and tracker. If the tracking ship pilot ejects and another pilot boards ship, the tracking will remain active for the new pilot (based on the original pilots skills, the tracking parameters being attached to the tracking ship, not pilot).
  • Tagged ships will be informed once about their status via combat message, persistent in log, but it will not blink, tweet or otherwise show in the interface or to the client after that for the duration of the tag.
  • Tracking persists through downtime and logging off or back for the duration of the tracking timer. If a tagged ship gets out of tracking range (relative to the tracker ship) then back in before its tag expires, the link will be restored automatically, enabling tracking to resume.
  • Tagging again an already tracked target with the same tracker ship and tag type will simply reset its tracking duration timer.
  • A tagged ship can still cloak, but this will not prevent the tracker ship from warping to it, including to 0 range.
  • Tag Probes and Tracker Bombs can be detected on a tagged ship by using a Ship Scanner, and can then be removed either by using a Station Repair service or a Codebreaker module in space, applied to the tagged ship.
Tag Probes:
Shot using Expanded Probe launchers, they allow tracking of up to 5 targets per tracker ship inside a solar system for a duration of 1-5h each.
Tag Probes show the tagged target(s) current name, type and location as a beacon (including closest celestial and range in AU) in the overview, system map and onboard scanner.
  • If a new target is tagged when the maximum count of tags is already tracked, the tracker ship will 'forget' the oldest track to make room for the new one.
  • Tag probes only 'stick' to targets that are under 50% shields at the time of impact. 
  • Tag probes are strictly ballistic, they will only 'stick' to a target they actually collide with.
Skill Reqs:
  • Projected ECCM lvl1 (1h/level to tracking duration)
  • Astrometric Acquisition lvl1 (+1 tagged target allowed per level)

Tracker Bombs:
Shot using regular bomb launchers by Stealth Bombers at the usual fire rate, Tracker Bombs make possible to chase a single target way beyond a solar system's limits. They will continuously report the location of a tagged ship for a duration of 2-10h, as long as it sits within 5-15 LY from the tracker ship.
Tracker Bombs show the tagged target current name, type and location (solar system and range in LY) in the overview, system map, map and onboard scanner.
  • Each Stealth Bomber electronics can only keep track of a single Tracker Bomb at a time. If a new target is tagged when one is already tracked, only the most recently tagged target will be tracked.
  • Tracker Bombs only 'stick' to targets that are under 90% shields at the time of impact. 
  • Tracker Bombs are mostly ballistic, they don't have a timer fuse and will detonate on proximity detection within 500m of the first collidable they encounter, and tag it. If nothing is met before it reaches its flight time limit, a Tracker Bomb will anticlimactically vanish.
  • Tracker Bombs can only be fired in Sec<0.4.
Skill Reqs:
  • Projected ECCM lvl1 (2h/level to tracking duration)
  • Bomb Deploymennt lvl3 (+5 LY tracking range per level above 3, base range 5LY)

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