Thursday, October 29, 2009

Occam's backhoe

I've been thinking hard about it, and I've narrowed the possible causes for the apparent ineptitude of everything 0.0 in Dominion to three, non mutually exclusive options. Here they are, listed in decreasing order of likeliness, and growing order of comedic value.
  • The Star Trek 'tech' hypothesis.
    CCP devs went, for each individual change/fix, with the very first idea that crossed their mind. Then, come dev blog time, they break out the jargon book, and spray semi-random technobabble and pseudo-scientific lingo on top of the disaster, in the vain hope to retroactively cover their mess with a varnish of intellectual authority.
  • The instant great thinking: just add water !
    Each dev got individually assigned a single theme or buzzword in economics, philosophy, game design, or social sciences, with strict instructions to grasp no more than 1/12th of its implications, and run with it as the single cornerstone of their design. Dev blogs are executed according to the exact same rules.
  • Crazy-brilliant madness.
    They know exactly what they're doing, and they're simply shooting for the Guiness Book world record of trollage by design.
…and then, of course there's beer, but it's kinda lame to blame your tools for your poor craftsmanship.

I'd start a betting pool if I knew how to ascertain the rankings. Any ideas welcome.

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